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With the world turning increasingly digital, the quality of IT talent has become the critical factor that makes or breaks an enterprise’s chances of staying innovative and hence, ahead of the competition. However, finding and retaining top talent is easier said than done.

Consider the hurdles:

  • How much does it cost to advertise a position/positions across owned and paid media?
  • How much does it cost to shortlist and interview candidates?
  • How much does it cost to provide in-house training to selected candidates?
  • Is your HR department qualified to screen and hire for the said position?
  • Are you positioning your organization accurately in order to attract top talent?
  • What is the cost of a wrong hiring decision?

Overcome these hurdles by partnering with iSquareInfo LLC to simplify and streamline your hiring process.

We leverage technology and our years of experience to build, maintain and expand our network of top-notch talent. Our relationships with our candidates and clients places us in the unique position of understanding the aspirations of the former and the ambitions of the latter, enabling us to connect the dots successfully.

The right perspective
can make all the difference

Human capital is the most vital asset of any organization. In fact, competitiveness and innovation cannot be driven by the c-suite if an organization lacks quality talent in sufficient numbers across its ranks. Furthermore, even if an organization is able to identify the requisite talent, a chaotic recruitment and on-boarding process can undo all effort.

Benefits of Partnering with iSquareInfo


Join forces with iSquareInfo to decode the talent grid that will power you business. Identify the skill set that best fits your needs. Determine the number of individuals with the skill set you require. Figure out the mix of fixed and variable team members to best optimize your spending. Construct a robust foundation of talent for your business.


Design an effective recruitment strategy with iSquareInfo’s help. Every minute you spend on fine-tuning your methods of talent acquisition is a minute you ignore your core business. Avoid such distraction by getting us to identify suitable talent hotspots and craft effective message guidelines to attract top talent.


Build your brand as a great place to work by devising an enjoyable on-boarding process with our assistance. Minimize time and effort spent at your end by leveraging the best practices that we’ve discovered over two decades. Integrate your new hires into the organization seamlessly while impressing them with your culture

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