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We are the one of the most Innovative IT Services & Consulting Service Provider

At iSquareInfo LLC you’re surrounded by smart people solving significant, next-generation technology problems for Fortune 500 companies all over the world. You have the opportunity to innovate, inspire, evolve and make the world a better place. If you are looking for career growth, a fun and challenging workplace and company ethics that nurture your well-being and work-life balance, work with us.

iSquareinfo LLC is engaged in the business of Staffing, IT consulting, software development, manufacturing, training and computer consulting services. The range of our activities extends from research and designing of systems, including software applications customization, to development of general software products. We are also involved in the marketing and distribution of computer software manufactured/developed by other computer firms. We perform various computer related services, including but not limited to, consulting with respect to computer and informational requirements, creating original computer applications, training personnel on computer applications, implementing customized hardware systems (including both local area networks and intranets), updating and modifying existing programs, systems.

iSquareInfo LLC was established in 2017 and is experiencing substantial growth though it has been recently established. iSquareInfo LLC is also engaged in the business of providing application training programs for business software applications.  We provide the latest Information Technology training to business and individuals through highly focused cost effective and customized programs. We believe that the reason for our continued success is our ability to match the right professionals.  We firmly believe in, for the business to grow and be successful, we must provide quality, cost effective and timely solutions. iSquareinfo LLC is one of the fastest growing information technology (IT) firms. Armed with innovative, experienced IT professionals, our company provides dynamic business solutions through information technology. Through critical analysis and creative brainstorming, we develop customized solutions to meet overall business objectives.

Customer On-boarding and Setup (COS) Automation Services. You’ll need more than just a Innovative services to stand out these days across the globe in B2B, B2C, C2B market places . Our Customer & Emerging Technologies Services helps you to grow exponentially Conversion-based web design & Solutions coupled with a lead generating marketing plan, end user satisfaction, future ready technology adoptions.

AI is transforming all business functions, and software development is no exception. Not only can machine learning techniques be used to accelerate the traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC), they present a completely new paradigm for inventing technology. Traditionally, developing a computer programs requires you to specify in advance exactly what you want the system to do and then hand engineer all of the features of your technology. Encoding many tasks in an explicit way is possible, as computers before the advent of AI were still quite powerful. There are many tasks and decisions, however, that are far too complex to teach to computers in a rigid, rule-based way. Even an activity as seemingly simple as identifying whether a photo or video on the internet is of a cat is beyond the reach of traditional software development. Given the vast possible permutations that cat photos can take, no team of engineers can possibly enumerate all of the rules that would reliably recognize cats vs. all of the other possible objects that can appear in media.

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